Sound piece by Giovanni De DonĂ  and Gianluca Ghini


ENACTION refers to a historical re-enactment that relies on the use of original recordings, audio documents of the Albanian 1997 uprising. The intention behind this concept is to symbolize the continuous interplay between the external world and internalized memories. Within the borders of the gallery and beyond, the potent essence of the past converges with the immediate manipulation of sound, skillfully executed by De DonĂ  and Ghini using their customized analog equipment, according to a continuous enactive flow.

Through the strategic use of oscillators emitting frequencies aligned with the dynamics of the original audio recordings, voices and sounds from the past become catalysts for current sonic variations.
Metaphorically, this performance captures the ever-shifting nature of historical narratives, dictated by the exigencies of present-day political developments.

The subject's movement within the space can transition from the somber emission of objectively documented testimony to experience the overpowering turbulence inherent in the historical act itself. This turbulence exists upstream, preceding the perpetual process of narrating and often superficially interpreting historical events.

These elements converge within a Parmenidean space, where the subject's movement unveils the inherent power of the original documented act. Through a visceral and tangible sound experience, this performance serves as an unambiguous testament, confronting viewers directly with the evidence of this peculiar shock therapy, happened in 1997 in Albania.