Happening by Pleurad Xhafa
July 4, 2023


Pleurad Xhafa, TONGUE, 2023. Sculpture, 13 x 10cm. Dritan Zagani’s tongue, taken at his apartment on the outskirts of Basel, March 26, 2023. Courtesy of the DebatikCenter of Contemporary Art and Zeta Contemporary Art Center

FIND YOUR TONGUE is an invitation to the visitor, offering them to drink water from ice glasses shaped like the tongue of the former anti-drug chief Dritan Zagani. In 2017, while still on duty, Zagani investigated an Albanian organized criminal group that cooperated with the government. As a result, the former Minister of the Interior of the Socialist Party, Sajmir Tahiri, was convicted. As a result, today, Tahiri is serving his sentence at his habitation, after having been previously imprisoned. Zagani was and still is persecuted by the Albanian government because according to the government, in this matter, he was the one who had to be convicted. While still continuing to be wanted by the Albanian justice Zagani received political asylum in Switzerland. Nowadays he lives under a new identity, carrying out various jobs, among others as a security guard at Art Basel.