/Surveillance/Nothing to Hide

During the last decade a number of incidents have shown increased hunger from centralised structures of power to use various technologies against Albanian citizens. Patronazhistet monitoring voters, massive data leaks from E-Albania, laws that give authorities vague powers to track citizens without any prosecutor being involved have proven the clear intentions of the Gov(s) to use various technologies against citizens. The most outstanding example is the law imposing businesses to have cameras inside and outside their premises a clear violation of our privacy even in public spaces. Outsourcing surveillance at its best!
Let's try to understand the networks that monitor their lives, opening up spaces and tactics to remain invisible to the eyes of power, to resist the oppressive regimes of visibility.

Ironically Govs say that if we have nothing to hide, we shouldn't fear. Time to retaliate! Time to keep track of the ones monitoring us.

Contributions so far

Get involved:

Step 1: Download the app
- download the USHAIDI mobile app (Google Play Store/App Store)
- open the app menu and choose + Add Deployment
- add nothingtohide.debatikcenter.net
- congrats, you are ready to roll!

Step 2: your first contribution
- activate your location in your phone;
- click 'Submit Survey Response';
- add a photo submission title and description;
- add destription and info about the surveillance happening;
- sucess :)

Things to keep in mind:
- only submit cameras or surveillance objects in public spaces;
- do NOT take photos of people (cats are ok though);
- prefer to submitt anonymously for obvious reasons.

More info:

- the results of the crowdsourced data will be presented during Manifesto (exact time and date will be announced soon); - all submited data are licensed in the public domain; - project credits: 0wnedBytheCat, Penguin Selectah & contributors.


- all materials contributed to this project will are public domain - basemap: copyright OpenStreeMap and contributors - Ushaidi app open source licenses